Photo by Alexandre Deschênes

Photo by Alexandre Deschênes

Alex René

No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, you are surrounded by beauty. Not everyone takes the time to pause everything and just stare at what is in front of them, but I do… A lot! Often time I am rewarded with truly astonishing scenery. I aspire to show everyone what they are missing out, I want them to see the world for how beautiful it is and then maybe, I could get people to further respect their surrounding and care more about the environment.

Whether it springs from a breathtaking landscape, an awkwardly positioned model, an artist performing its art or an athlete surpassing his limits, beauty is everywhere to be acknowledge or capture!

My name is Alex, I am a photographer based in Montreal.

Allow me to capture the beauty that surrounds you and your projects, and you will be left with images that will live on for the rest of your life and possibly beyond (you know, when your grandchildren will go through your Instagram and stuff).